About Us

Who Are We

Mixed Tapes specialises in recyclable packaging featuring unique designs to make your letters and parcels POP!


How We Started

Mixed Tapes stemmed from our sister company, Preloved Style, which sells preloved fashion.  Being a sustainable business and promoting reuse, it was important our packaging reflected our brand ethos.  Using plastic tape and adding more non-recyclable waste into the world did not sit well with us.  Kraft tape provided a more planet-friendly solution.  Plus, it had the added bonus it could be easily printed on.  We thought about custom ordering some with our logo, but frankly, as a small business we didn’t have the £350+ to splurge on tape, nor did we have the space to house the minimum order quantity. 

On our search to find unique recyclable kraft tape, which didn’t involve a large commitment, we were surprised by the lack of choice.  So, began the idea of Mixed Tapes.  We want to offer a solution to small businesses and individuals who care about the quality and sustainability of their parcels and packaging but only need a couple of rolls.

We launched in September 2021 with 10 designs which are unique enough to make your parcels pop but will also work for a range of tastes, styles and brands.


How it Works

Self-adhesive kraft/paper tapes become an integral part of the paper-based packaging it is applied to.  Therefore, paper taped packages can typically be recycled as part of the normal process for the recycling of cardboard and fibreboard.

Mixed Tapes self adhesive paper tapes (ECOPAPER, BSPA, WSPA) can be considered to comply with the EU directive EN13430 : 2004 unless the weight of tape is more than 20% of the total package to which it is applied.